for the purpose of transforming lives through the use of educational teaching practices grounded in brain science and cognitive research.

is to help you succeed in becoming an extraordinary teacher leader.


We are your new teaching resource! Whether you are in need of strategies on how to engage your students in direct instruction, student collaboration, behavior and classroom management, assessment techniques, or even how to create a curriculum map and yearlong plan, we have you covered with hundreds of lessons from a variety of experts across the country! The best part about Brain to Brain Teaching is that it never stops growing. There are new instructors and new strategies being added throughout the year. Welcome to your new home for teaching resources!


We are here for you every step of the way! Our team is committed to helping you hone your craft as a teacher leader. Every Brain to Brain Instructor takes you through, step by step, the teaching strategy you have selected to implement in your classroom in a way that is fun, engaging, and meaningful. You will be applying your new technique within minutes!


We are your biggest fans! There is no one more passionate about your success than our Brain to Brain Team. You will be inspired, energized, and motivated through the stories, demonstration classrooms, and personal messages each of our instructors provide you. We won’t let you down!


We are your personal educational researcher! Our team is dedicated in providing you with teaching strategies that are grounded in the understanding of how the brain learns. You will not only know how to apply the strategies, you will be able to understand and explain the rationale for using these strategies and how it connects to brain science and current cognitive research.